IrishCycleSport secures huge support for Irish at World CX Champs but it’s still  a ''No'' from Cycling Ireland

Unfortunatly the news we hoped we wouldnt hear came through late yesterday afternoon when Cycling Ireland released the announcement that yet again there would be no Irish Riders sent to  CycloCross World Championships in Bieles Luxembourg at the end of the month.

This disappointing news came just 24 hours after IrishCycleSport had secured some unexpected support for selected riders and personnel from our Cannibal Team base in Belguim. An outline of this support was immediately forwarded to Offroad Commission by Andy Layhe at lunchtime Tuesday. (There was no response to this email prior to Announcement Release)

With the discipline on a high after such a successful season our new National Champions crowned , growing numbers ,better racing  and more events this decision comes as hammer blow yet again to the CX Community and none more so than to the riders who thought they had performed well enough for possible selection.

During a meeting with Francis van Mechelen of Cannibal Team in Belguim on Tuesday he kindly offered the following support FREE OF CHARGE

Airport Collection and Drop off

Support Vehicle's as required including Camper

Pit and Mechanical support as required

All accommodation at Team Base.

(See Official Invitation Below)

Unfortunately today due to the decision of Irelands National  Cycling Federation not to send riders to compete at the pinnacle of World CycloCross in a couple of weeks time there are 3 or 4 very disappointed riders and to use Cycling Irelands own words will look upon this as a missed opportunity and a de motivator for the future. None more so than newly crowned 2017 Irish National Junior CX Champion JB Murphy to quote his own words below on hearing of the decision.

 . . . . . .it's just a shame to see how much effort I have put into the season and how much effort other people have put into me  and how much I have tried to prove myself over and over again and for one of my goals to be taken away with the click of the fingers just isn't right in my opinion...

Official Invitation to Irish Riders

INVITATION: Hereby we invite The Irish CX riders to Belgium and Luxembourgh for the upcomming UCI World Championship Cyclocross. This means that we offer our accomodation for 6 people to sleep and live one week for free. We also offer assistance in transport to Luxemburg for all riders/staff and bikes etc. This on thursday for pre ride, friday i will go to Luxembourg for Team Leaders meeting, and saturday and sunday we will go with the riders to the races. Me and my wife will ask you to make accretitations for 3 people so that we can do team leaders meeting on friday and help the riders in the pits. We will do all this items for free, and we would like to cet back only the use of fuel that the cars and vans will to Luxembourh and back to Bertem Belgium. Also a motorhome wil be part of the deal, so that your riders can participate in the best conditions. Also airport pick up and drop off are included. If anything more would be needed please dont hesitate to ask us. We have experience in this because we did this also last year for the Latvian Cycling federation, and before that for the Lithuanian federation. Kind regards Van Mechelen Francis


Read Full Cycling Ireland Announcement : HERE

Do you agree with Cycling Irelands Announcement and its points contained or should they send riders to compete

We would love to hear your thoughts



Photo Credits ; Hollywood  Pictures The Belgian Project Sean Rowe


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